Minimizing Theft and Vandalism

Industry Insights: Minimizing Theft and Vandalism

Auto theft is a major issue across the country, with vehicles that sit higher off the ground being especially attractive to criminals. Theft of auto parts from vehicles garaged outside is also a problem.

To earn the trust of your customers and minimize theft, it’s important to take measures to improve security at your auto shop. This can include fencing off the area where vehicles will be parked overnight, using security guards or a digital security system based on cameras and motion detectors, and keeping the lot well lit.

In addition to these basic security measures, it’s important to build good relationships with local police and instruct customers not to leave valuables in their vehicles. It’s also recommended to post a manager’s phone number and store vehicles indoors if possible.

The Importance of Garagekeepers Insurance for Auto Shops

Garagekeepers insurance coverage can provide additional protection for your business against loss of or damage to property in your custody. This coverage is separate from garage liability insurance and can protect your shop financially from theft, vandalism, accidental damage, fire, or weather events.

While garagekeepers insurance coverage does not apply to the contents of the vehicle, you can add this coverage for an extra premium if you think it’s worth the cost. By prioritizing safety and security in your auto shop, you can reduce losses and improve your loss record. Leading to lower insurance costs and a better experience for your customers and employees.