Trailer interchange insurance protects a trailer and the person hauling it from losses such as collision, fire, theft, explosion, and vandalism. Elite Insurance & Beyond provides trailer interchange coverage that includes non-owned trailer physical damage coverage. This insurance covers physical damage caused to the trailer while it is being hauled by a party that does not own it.

What is Amazon Trailer Interchange Agreement?

Amazon Trailer Interchange Agreement is a contract between Amazon and motor carriers who use their trailers to transport goods. It establishes the terms and conditions for the transfer of goods between Amazon and the motor carrier. The motor carrier is responsible for physical damage caused to the trailer while it is in their possession.

Trailer Interchange Agreements and Non-Owned Trailer Physical Damage Policy

Trailer interchange agreements organize the transfer of goods between parties to ensure they arrive at the specified destination. Non-owned trailer physical damage policy is needed when less formal agreements are made. The motor carrier is still responsible for the physical damage caused to the trailer while it is in their possession.

Selecting the Right Insurance

Choosing the right policy for your trailer interchange insurance can be challenging. You should avoid over or under-insuring the trailer and take into account your loss history, location, equipment value, and driving record. Elite Insurance & Beyond can help you find the right policy for your specific needs and establish long-term relationships with their partners and insurance carriers.

Cost of it

The cost of trailer interchange coverage typically adds between $100 and $1,500 to your annual insurance cost. The limit for trailer interchange coverage varies by insurance carrier but should be sufficient to repair or replace a damaged trailer. To find the best policy for you, shopping around is recommended. Elite Insurance & Beyond is an independent insurance agency with access to an average of 30+ carriers that can help you find the right carrier.

Elite Insurance & Beyond will help you to endorse this coverage under the auto liability policy. Our experienced team will guide you to determine the limit and deductible for the trailer you will be hauling. Click the button below or give us a call for more information or a coverage quote.