Turn Fleet Risk Into Top-Flight Safety

Fleet Risk Management – Protecting Your Vehicles and Property

Vehicle break-ins can happen at any time and anywhere, leaving you with both vehicle damage and personal property loss. Whether you are a business owner or a driver, you need to take measures to protect your fleet and minimize the risk of theft. Elite Insurance & Beyond provides a comprehensive insurance policy to safeguard your vehicles and property.

“Smash and Grab” Risks and Your Truck Insurance

“Smash and grab” thefts are rampant, and they can happen to anyone, anywhere. Criminals can steal your valuable possessions within seconds by smashing the window of your vehicle. Although your auto insurance policy covers damages to your vehicle, it does not cover stolen items unless they are integral parts of the vehicle, such as a built-in stereo system. To protect your personal belongings, Elite Insurance & Beyond provides custom equipment and parts coverage endorsement to your auto policy for aftermarket parts and accessories.

Homeowners, Condo, or Renters Insurance for Personal Property

If your stolen items are not covered under your auto insurance policy, Elite Insurance & Beyond recommends that you consider adding homeowners, condo, or renters insurance for personal property coverage. With this insurance, your belongings are covered no matter where they are at the time of loss. Even if your laptop or phone is not in your vehicle, it will still be covered by your insurance company.

Protect Your Fleet with These Safety Tips

While it’s impossible to protect your fleet completely, there are things you can do to help minimize the risk of theft. Here are some safety tips to deter thieves:

  • Don’t keep too many valuables in your car.
  • Don’t leave objects in your car overnight, and if you must, don’t leave them in plain sight.
  • Always park in well-lit areas whenever possible.
  • Keep your car locked and all windows rolled up.
  • Never leave your car unattended if it’s running.
  • Cover or detach your GPS or upgraded stereo to prevent thieves from spotting them.
  • Install a car alarm on your vehicle.
  • Park your car in a garage if possible.

Protect Your Fleet with Elite Insurance & Beyond

Protecting your fleet and personal property from theft is crucial for any business owner or driver. Elite Insurance & Beyond offers a comprehensive insurance policy to ensure that your vehicles and property are safe from theft. Contact their licensed agents today to determine the coverage options that are right for your business. Don’t risk making a bad situation worse by not having the appropriate coverage.