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Get UIIA-Compliant Intermodal Trucking Insurance with Elite Insurance & Beyond

Are you a trucking company that hauls containers and needs a commercial trucking insurance policy that meets UIIA requirements? Look no further than Elite Insurance & Beyond! As an industry-leading trucking insurance company, we specialize in providing UIIA intermodal trucking insurance that meets all requirements.

Understanding UIIA Intermodal Trucking Insurance

The Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA) is a standard industry contract that regulates the interchange of equipment between intermodal trucking companies, motor carriers, and equipment providers such as ocean carriers, railroads, and equipment leasing companies. At Elite Insurance & Beyond, we provide UIIA-compliant trucking insurance policies that meet all requirements.

UIIA Insurance Requirements

Our intermodal UIIA trucking insurance policies include the following requirements:

  • General liability coverage with a limit of $1 million per occurrence
  • Auto liability coverage with a combined single limit of $1 million
  • Cargo insurance with limits up to $100,000 (depending on equipment provider requirements)
  • Trailer interchange coverage starting at $20,000 (with some equipment providers requiring higher limits)
  • Optional employer’s liability and workers’ compensation coverage

Benefits of UIIA Intermodal Trucking Insurance

By partnering with Elite Insurance & Beyond for your UIIA intermodal trucking insurance needs, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Increased business opportunities for motor carriers, as 95% of well-known railroads and ocean carriers are participating parties of the UIIA
  • Freedom from signing separate interchange contracts
  • Reduced number of necessary insurance certificates that need to be filed
  • Increased operational efficiency

Contact Elite Insurance & Beyond for UIIA-Compliant Trucking Insurance

Don’t waste time looking for UIIA-compliant intermodal trucking insurance elsewhere. Contact Elite Insurance & Beyond today to get a quote for the best possible rates in the market. We act as a bridging force between you and UIIA to improve the productivity and efficiency of your trucking business. Trust us for all your trucking insurance needs!