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Being an Industry-Leading Trucking Insurance Company, Elite Insurance & Beyond provides UIIA Intermodal Trucking Insurance, a full-fledged commercial Intermodal Trucking Insurance policy that exactly meets the UIIA requirements. 

What is Intermodal UIIA for Trucking Insurance?

UIIA (Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement) is a standard industry contract that regulates the interchange of equipment between Intermodal Trucking Companies, motor carriers, and equipment providers (Ocean carriers, railroads & equipment leasing companies). The UIIA is administered by the IANA (The Intermodal Association of North America, a trade association that oversees the combined interest of the whole intermodal freight industry.

The UIIA can be explained in the form of a binding contract between intermodal trucking companies and motor carriers (who use containers or other intermodal equipment) on the one port and ocean carrier, rail carriers, or leasing companies that offer this type of intermodal equipment on the other port. The intermodal trucking companies and motor carriers at the port where freight transportation starts are known as users, while the ocean carriers, rail carriers, or leasing companies that provide intermodal equipment on the other port are known as Providers. So, UIIA is a standard industry contract between intermodal equipment users and providers.

Both Users and Provider parties are bound to follow the guidelines given by the UIIA for any type of interchange of Intermodal Equipment. The UIIA covers liability and other issues related to the interchange of intermodal equipment, such as containers and chassis between parties.

The Commercial Intermodal Trucking Insurance that meets the requirements of UIIA is known as The Intermodal UIIA Trucking Insurance, and it is mandatory to have for Intermodal motor carriers that transport container-based freight between shipping ports and railyards.

When a motor carrier becomes a participating party to the UIIA, they agree to the UIIA’s provisions and rules and regulations that govern the safe and undisputed interchange of intermodal equipment. The equipment provider (Generally a rail carrier, leasing company, or ocean carrier) also agrees that equipment interchange activities will occur according to the rules and regulations of UIIA.

For motor carriers, it’s important to maintain a US DOT Number in order to stay compliant with UIIA. They also must have to secure an active motor carrier operating number (also known as (MC Number) where applicable.

What are the UIIA Insurance Requirements?

The major requirements that a Trucking Insurance must meet to be the Intermodal UIIA Trucking Insurance are as follows:

·        General Liability Coverage

A UIIA Insurance must include the General Liability coverage with a limit of $1 million per occurrence.

·        Auto Liability Coverage

A Trucking must have auto liability coverage with a CSL (Combined Single Limit) of $1 million. The Auto Policy must be marked as any of the following:

§  ANY AUTO Policy



·        Cargo Insurance

The limits of Cargo Insurance should be up to $100k, always check the equipment provider requirement because some of them require higher limits.

·        Trailer Interchange Coverage

Trailer Interchange Coverage must start from $20,000 some equipment providers required higher limit. It covers you against any physical damage to non-owned equipment when it’s in the control and custody of your insured. Trailer Interchange Coverage also protects you against physical damage to the containers that are being transported.

·        Employer’s Liability and Workers Compensation

Employer’s liability and workers’ compensation are optional coverage and included in the trucking insurance policy if applicable.

What are the Major Benefits of the Uniform Intermodal Interchange & Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA)?

·        UIIA Increase Business Opportunities for Motor Carriers

Currently, around 95% of the well-known railroads and ocean carriers are the participating parties of the UIIA, which makes doing business very easy for motor carriers. They don’t have to work hard to find interchangeable intermodal equipment. They just pick the right equipment and get their freight delivered in the scheduled time.

·        UIIA provides freedom to the motor carriers from signing separate interchange contracts.

One of the best advantages of the UIIA is that it brings the users (Motor Carriers) and providers (Ocean carriers or railroad carriers) closer to each other for on-time and cost-effective delivery of freight. Motor Carriers don’t have to sign separate equipment interchange contracts with individual equipment providers as almost all famous equipment providers are the participating parties of the UIIA.

·        It reduces the number of necessary insurance certificate that needs to be filed.

Without UIIA, whether it’s a motor carrier or an ocean or railroad carrier, a large number of insurance certificates need to be filed. However, the UIIA reduces the number of insurance certificates that must be filed as one contract serves as a whole insurance certificate.

·        UIIA Increases Operational Efficiency

Under the UIIA Contract, the provider (Ocean and Railroad carriers) are directly connected with the users (Motor Carriers and Trucking Companies), which significantly increase the operational efficiency.

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