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Coverage for the hotshot driver – we can help

Driver and load liability risk travels with you, and you need coverage that hangs on for the whole ride. Even if you’re
using a personal pickup truck, you shouldn’t rely on personal auto coverage or the cheapest coverage you can find.
Hotshots have a few additional liabilities to consider.
Don’t get skipped for jobs because of improper insurance. Most load brokers want proof of insurance with certain
minimums to consider you for a job. And regardless of requirements, it’s good business to have the proper insurance
to protect your cargo and offset your risk.

Hotshot insurance basics

The hotshot insurance basics for doing business are generally:
Cargo coverage
Liability coverage (auto and general)
Truck coverage
Trailer coverage
Truck coverage offers collision (damage due to a crash) and comprehensive insurance (damage coverage beyond a
collision, like a theft or a flood). Consider the coverage needed to replace your truck in a total loss.

Customized protection

The basics could get you moving, but it likely won’t cover the risk and liability gaps most truckers face. We’ll help
customize the right hotshot trucker options for you, such as:
Loan or lease gap – covers the difference if your truck is totaled and you owe more than it’s worth
Medical payments – medical bills if you’re in an accident
Debris removal – helps with the cost to clear and remove debris after a covered accident
Pollution – accidental discharge or release of transported hazardous materials
Bobtail – covers liability gaps if you’re driving a rig without a trailer
Family emergency expenses – travel costs for your family if you’re injured far from home
Downtime – helps with lost income from a covered loss to your truck
Earned freight – helps with lost revenue if you don’t get paid because cargo is damaged
Loading or unloading freight – helps with costs from cargo damage while loading or unloading
Towing and storage – helps with costs for towing and storing your truck and equipment after an accident
Umbrella policy – extends coverage over existing policies

Additional information

Be ready to discuss the factors that might affect your coverage, like:
Gross vehicle weight rating (GVRW) of trucks
Commercial driver’s license (a CDL might lower your rates)
Driving record and claims
DOT and MC numbers (where required)
Travel haul area

Give us a ring for a quick review

Just tap reply or give us a shout. We’ll get your policy review on the road so you can get back to business
with confidence. We’re here to help create a bumper-to-bumper solution to protect you from hotshot trucking
liability gaps.
Hotshot drivers face aggressive liability exposure. We’ll help you find insurance that offers equally aggressive